This office romance proves you should NEVER mix business with pleasure.



Friday had been longing for this moment. Brad scheduled it on her calendar weeks ago, but kept postponing re: availability conflicts; he needed more time to beef up his presentation. Now, finally, they were together — one-on-one. Brad approaches, sweeps her hair behind her ear and kisses her neck aggressively. Not wanting to get caught, Friday debates for a moment whether his juice is worth the squeeze, but as he unlatches his belt buckle and drops his khaki chinos to his loafers… She knows. It’s time to drink the Kool-Aid.


Friday’s nerves excite Brad. “We’re not leaving this conference room until we establish a battle rhythm.”

“There are so many moving parts, I… I… Don’t know how to execute this,” she worries, beholding his action item.

“Allow me to flesh this out.” With total disregard for the dress code, Brad slowly unbuttons Friday’s shirt to reveal her supple low hanging fruit. He loves the way she looks and is ready to deliver. Brad almost explodes, “Can I take a deeper dive?”

Friday doesn’t want him out of pocket any longer. “I’m not getting enough traction, can you move the needle?”

Brad leverages a little, and Friday squeals in pleasure. “Now circle back,” he shouts.

“Oh yes, Oh yes,” she pants. “Wait! That’s my bottom-line…”


Brad appoints a new position.

“You’re reaching my core competency.”

Brad suddenly comes to a hard stop and slips outside the box. “It’s over already? Have you already closed the deal?”

“Not the performance review I was looking for…”

“Well maybe we can repurpose,” she pleads.

Brad looks at her longing eyes and says, “Let’s just keep things casual, Friday.”


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