The heart of BK is best seen through its communities, in the little moments. Here is a window into the borough through Brooklyn portraits.

teddy bear in brooklyn window

Brooklyn Portraits photographed by YULIA ZINSHTEIN

The beauty of Brooklyn is not at all contained in its landmarks. Instead, it’s the individuality of its residents and the streets they walk on, which gives New York’s newly coveted borough a certain kind of sweetness and wildness. Among the rusted, graffiti-stamped metal warehouses, the strange three-story Barbie-doll-like apartment buildings and the various dead ends — which overlook the Hudson River and right into the industry and commerce of Manhattan — we’re reminded of Brooklyn’s ever-growing vibrancy and authenticity. As many of millennials flock to Brooklyn for all that’s up-and-coming, we’re at the same time greeted by an old world, which is continually being recreated by the present. On one corner, the tiny family-owned bodega/restaurant serves Chicken Poblano and fresh Guacamole in front of a fridge full of Tecate and Negro Modelo. On another, there’s the latest music venue where bands from all over the world make home for the night. In her photoblog, photographer Yulia Zihshtein captures the ever-changing world of Brooklyn through her  portraits of its people.


band playing in brooklyn

woman in brooklyn restuarant

biker in brooklyn streets

dog in window in brooklyn

girl in brooklyn store

party in brooklyn

brooklyn portrait of worker

brooklyn street style

car wash in brooklyn


inside house in brooklyn

kareoke in brooklyn new york

kasia restuarant street style in brooklyn

menswear street style in brooklyn

nail salon in brooklyn

portrait in williamsburg new york of girl

shopping in brooklyn

williamsburg brooklyn street style