Broke, loveless, and stoned — Broad City is the best.

girls from broad city gif

Saying you like Amy Poehler is like saying you like ice cream, or better yet, waffles. It’s just a given that she’s wonderful and you appreciate her in all forms. Well, her newest role as executive producer of Comedy Central’s Broad City is as delectable as anything else she’s ever touched. Centering around the lives of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, Broad City tells the tale of two perpetually stoned twenty-something ladies trying not to try too hard in New York City.

Ilana and Abbi are best friends with the best intentions. Even though these intentions hardly ever deliver positive results, their friendship becomes stronger with every haphazard plot twist. Each episode of Broad City chronicles some mundane event gone horribly (and hilariously) awry, and is filled with sex, drugs, and crop tops in the most normal way possible.

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