We’ve been keeping an eye on all the amazing Breast Cancer Awareness projects this month, and now we’ve decided to share some of our favorites. Have you done you’re part to Save The TaTas?


Come October it’s hard to step into a store or click through an online shop without coming upon something benefiting Breast Cancer research. Though there’s been a lot of talk in recent years of the “pink washing” that tends to happen during this month, with companies smacking a ribbon on anything pink to make a buck, we like to look at it this way: if we were going to be buying something anyway, we’d much rather buy it when it will be benefitting an undeniably great cause. So, with that in mind, we’ve sifted through the offerings from some of our favorite brands to see what great items for style, beauty and home we ‘d love to add to our lives before the month is over. — KERRI JAREMA


Planet Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Tee, $77.00

It can be difficult to find a Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt that you actually want to wear once the month is over. This Planet Blue top is one of them. The limited edition shirt is made of white burnout fabric with a round neck, short sleeves and an adjustable optional tie at the back hem. A graphic of two light pink palm trees makes the design laid-back, dreamy and warm. You can never go wrong pairing a graphic Tee with a glitzy skirt or denim. A portion of the proceeds will go to Keep A Breast, an organization that provides support and education to young people on prevention, early detection and cancer-causing toxins.

smythson-heart-key-ring copy

Smythson Love Heart Key Ring, $82.50

There’s something about a simply stylish key ring that is undeniably fun, especially when most people walk around with more novelty key chains… Like, Bud Light can openers, and that token you got from your Spring Break trip in college jangling around deep inside your purse. We’re smitten with this pretty fuchsia colored leather heart-shaped key chain from Smythson. This charming LOVE emblazoned piece would look great hung from a handbag, luggage or your keys for a little bit of portable charm. 20% of the proceeds from each key ring sold will go to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity, which funds breast cancer research in the UK.


Kitchen Aid Pink Artisan Mixer and Blender, $349.00

If you like to spend any time in the kitchen, chances are you’ve been coveting a Kitchen Aid mixer and/or blender. With cupcakes, meringues, macaroons, salsas, soups and smoothies dancing in your head, it’s no wonder Kitchen Aid has become the holy grail of home cooking. And now they’ve given you even more reason to save those pennies for some appliances with their Pink Artisan collection. £50 from every PINK Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer sold, and $20 from every PINK Kitchen Aid Artisan Blender sold, will be donated to The Haven, psychological support centers in the UK for those dealing with the physical and emotional stress of breast cancer.

evelyn-lauder-dream-solid-perfume-compact copy

Evelyn Lauder Dream Solid Perfume Compact, $49.50

Everyone needs a great perfume, so why not make it pretty, portable and philanthropic? The Evelyn Lauder solid perfume is a spirited blend of white lilies, white peonies, jasmine and exotic Baie Rose essence all in sheer solid perfume. The scent is housed in a pretty pink, purple compact (with a splash of blue thrown in to represent the 1% of men who are affected by breast cancer) featuring modern and elegant hearts and ribbons. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds for each compact sold in the UK will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, founded in 1993 by Evelyn Lauder herself, to fund breast cancer research worldwide.


Brooklyn Cruiser Pink Willow Bicycle, $649.00

If you’ve got room in your apartment to house a bike, chances are you are scared to fill the space in case your shoe collection grows, or you haven’t found a bike that will go with every outfit. With all of the bike lanes, bike sharing, bike talk that’s been going on lately, you can’t deny that it’s a generally cheap and healthy way to get around (providing you don’t crash or get hit by a bar). We fell for this Brooklyn Cruiser beauty immediately — the vintage silhouette, no-slip pedals, rear rack and pretty pink shade make for one functional and fabulous ride. Again, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Keep A Breast Foundation.


Aerie Limited Edition Bright Pink Bridget Bra, $29.95

American Eagle’s Aerie sleepwear and lingerie collections are cute and comfy and we’ve never met a pretty pink bra we didn’t like. So, of course we love Aerie’s contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the limited edition Bridget Bra in a gorgeous bright pink shade. 100% of the proceeds will go to Bright Pink, a non-profit that supports early detection of breast cancer.



Nest Fragrances Passion Candle, $28.00

With the nights getting longer and the days getting chillier, it’s time to stock up on some pretty smelling candles for cozy evenings indoors. This one from Nest is a no-brainer. Honoring Evelyn Lauder, Nest’s Passion Candle combines peony, garden roses, sandalwood and a hint of flowering pittosporum, Lauder’s beloved fragrance note. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to Lauder’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


 GLAMGLOW Cure Sexy Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask, $69.00

Touted as a “10 minute facial in a jar” this limited edition exfoliation mud mask is a fun addition to any beauty routine, especially during the harsh winter months. GLAMGLOW leaves skin noticeably radiant and glowing by activating moisturizing collagen synthesis. It also provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation, without removing natural oils, leaving skin smoother, brighter and softer. The product was created specially to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with 25% of the proceeds going to The National Breast Cancer Foundation which funds programs for early detection, screenings, patient programs and research.


Sparking Ice Sip Pink for the Cure Cocktail

And, of course, after you’ve finished shopping it’s always nice to sit back and relax — why not do just that with a nice homemade cocktail? Sparkling Ice’s Sip Pink for the Cure Cocktail uses the Pink Grapefruit flavor of Sparkling Ice for a refreshing drink that would go great with some home-cooked Mexican on taco night (thanks to a helping of jalapeno and chili powder)… Or you know, maybe just some take-out. One cent from each bottle sold will go directly back to the community where the product was sold, working closely with charities like Susan G. Komen and other local breast cancer research facilities.  Check out the recipe below!


3 oz.  Grapefruit Sparkling ICE

1 ½ oz.  vodka

1 oz. lime juice

Lime wedge

Sliced fresh jalapeño

Chili salt for rim of glass (Kosher salt mixed with chili powder)


Use a lime wedge to rub the entire rim of a chilled martini glass, and dip into chili salt mixture.

Combine vodka and jalapeno slices with ice in a shaker.

Strain and pour into the chilled martini glass.

Top with Grapefruit Sparkling ICE.

Garnish with a few Jalapeno slices.

[for more information on how you can get involved & do your part to raise Breast Cancer Awareness, visit NBCAM]