Flickr – that online photo storage site you created an account for years ago – is having a second life. In recent years, Flickr has become a respected photography-publishing platform that allows photographers to retain the rights to their images. That’s a big deal in today’s world of T&C’s and ownership wars – sometimes it feels like we’re selling our souls just to download a new app.  We spent some time scouring Flickr in this new age of popularity and have come back with our favorites a.k.a. the best of Flickr. –ROBIN REETZ

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The Professional: Robert Kaczynski

Photographer Robert Kaczynski boasts a breathtaking collection of almost 600 photos that are as beautiful and delicate as they are eerie. His subject is primarily nature though there are a few domestic shots thrown in the mix.  Take it from us – you could spend hours scrolling through these photos.

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The Hometown Hero: William James Vincent Broadhurst

Looking through William James Vincent Broadhurst’s Flickr stream is like looking at the town you grew up in through the eyes of a highly trained photographer. Broadhurst’s photos ache of domesticity and all of its dullness – color-packed convenience stores, empty tennis courts, cigarettes and booze, parking lots, a bowling alley, gas station, and small-town fair. These scenes of everyday life have a way of making the viewer feel both nostalgic and bored at the same time. 

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The Dreamer: Christian Benetel

Christian’s photos are what you might call ethereal – they all have a hazy, dreamy feel. Many feature subjects on their own in the middle of what could be a dream or even a nightmare – walking alone in a field, curled up on a bench, being dragged under a porch or even being thrown by something invisible.

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 Most Likely to Succeed: Nicola Odemann

Nicola Odemann lives in the world you want to live in – one that’s carefree with lots of time spent exploring the outdoors. The colors are perfectly saturated and give the images a vibe that resembles a combination of the 1970’s with the most perfect Instagram filter ever.

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Party Animal: Brian / booksin

One word: color. The images in this Flickr photo stream are so sharp both in shape and color that it’s almost hard to believe that these are photos rather than paintings. These gorgeous images would be equally at home in a Santa Fe living room or on your desktop.


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The Oddball: Cats in Hats, A Gallery Curated by Corin Corin

The super random collection of cats in hats is exactly what it sounds like. Since it’s a curated gallery, you too can submit your own photo of a cat in a hat and, should you be so lucky, it might just be included in this gallery.