Beer Week hopping.


So we’re sure you don’t need another reason to get out there for a drink, but here’s one anyway: It’s almost NYC’s Beer Week hosted by the NYC Brewers Guild and there’s a great line-up of adventures to be had. So, here’s the necessary day guide on what to do and where to go on this the golden chalice of beer events, you’re welcome. Tix here. (Gets you unlimited samples from your favorite breweries, with some of the raddest  food vendors NYC ‘s got, with light snacks throughout the night — so we don’t find you on the bathroom floor). #NYCbeerweek

Friday  2.21

It’s opening night so hit it hard at the NYC Beer Week’s official opening bash. Located in Grand Centrals Vanderbilt Hall, this ones going to get you wrecked. With over thirty breweries involved you are BOUND to find something you like. And the best part is, when you get to that tipping point, the train is just a few steps away!


Saturday 2.22

Once the initial night of debauchery has ended, calm it down with some Michigan Craft Beer. Enjoy specials on Bell’s and Founder’s beers all evening long.  A special Michigan dinner menu will be available from 5pm to 10:30pm. Then catch a movie screening of ‘The Michigan Beer Film’ Screening @ 9:30 pm.

Director Kevin Romeo and Rhino Media Productions from Kalamazoo, Michigan began with a humble idea to produce a film for beer fans and movie fans alike. Starting at rapidly growing Greenbush Brewing Co, the documentary travels the span of Michigan from Sawyer to Marquette and Grand Rapids to Detroit. Visiting brewers like Scott Sullivan, Ryan Sylvester, Eric Kuhnhenn, Joe Short; Hop growers like Brian Tennis, Joel Mulder, Jeff and Bonnie Steinman; Entrepreneurs like Ben Fleckenstein, Michael Kiser and Stephen Roginson.

The Michigan Beer Film celebrates old core values in a new generation of community-conscious consumers and the proliferation of the Michigan craft beer industry. At the same time, the film addresses some challenges that brewers and entrepreneurs encounter in the midst of the industry’s rapid growth.

The Michigan Beer Film Trailer from Rhino Media Productions on Vimeo.


Sunday 2.23

On this the holy day, get over the tipping point with three hours of unlimited ales on NYC’s west side. Tickets are available for both the afternoon or morning, although we suggest if you do choose both, take a breather in-between.


Monday 2.24

Ugh, it’s Monday and that weekend probably got you blitzed…  It ain’t over yet. This is for the gals who love beer. Monday night is all about the ladies at Taproom307 with the venue’s second annual women in beer event. They will be pouring draft specials from some of our favorite female beer representatives. Full of froth, but still, this place isn’t just about the drinks. After a long weekend of drinking, come get some fine ass food incorporated with different beer ingredients. This is a spot you’ll want to come back to even after the week has ended, if you can remember it.


Tuesday 2.25

If you didn’t make it on Monday or you just can’t stop yourself from going out, head to Applewood on 11th st. in Brooklyn where they’re going to set you up with a five-course meal featuring KelSo of BK. Each course is paired with a unique beer, and we recommended you grab a nice group of friends to join you with other new friends (the seating is communal).  The beer’s not just for drinking either, the kitchen will integrate KelSo hops and yeast with each course.  Q&A with brewmaster Kelly Taylor and chef Sam Sherman throughout the night.


Wednesday  2.26

If you consider yourself to be well read, then you’ll certainly enjoy this featured festivity. Strand bookstore is hosting a panel night moderated by Jeremy Cowan, founder of Shmaltz Brewing Company, on their third floor. Joining Jeremy will be New York Times contributor and All About Beer Magazine editor, John Holl, author of The American Craft Beer Cookbook. Also joining us for the evening, will be NYC beer expert and Time Out New York writer Joshua Bernstein, author of The Complete Beer Course, Giancarlo and Sarah Annese writers for Beer Union and the authors of Beer Lovers New York. Shmaltz Brewing will provide beer samples for the evening. Just be sure to spend some time afterwards to peruse the books (and maybe buy a couple).


Thursday 2.27

We love chocolate and we know you do too. So, we’ve found this special night during the week and knew it’d be perfect for all ya’ll desert fans. If you can remember Sunday night, which you probably won’t by now, head back to the 508 Gastro Brewery for six courses and six unique beers accompanied with various chocolaty delights.


Friday 2.28

It’s Friday night and the party is almost over, but you’re not there just yet. At the Lexington Armory they’re having a tasting of about 150 different craft beers and you can try each and every one of them (take small sips).  Make sure you get a VIP or Connoisseur ticket so you can get the first hour all to yourself — yum. Not to mention, special eats throughout the evening. By the end of the night be careful not to enlist and be careful getting home, you’ve got one more day to go!


Saturday 3.1

It’s that day again and you’re going to want to do it up big so head to the Fourth Avenue Pub for some classic “out of stock” beers.  They’ll be holding a trip to the past with a few local breweries old favorites and even some new brews you’re going to want to try.  When we say that these are real beers we mean it.


Sunday 2.2

The madness has ended and it’s time to sleep in.  Stay under the covers and remember what you can of what was probably a crazed week.


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