Digitally retro oil painting with Trudy Benson.

Trudy Benson 05

Trudy Benson’s paintings will bring about a wave of nostalgia for any 90’s kid. The geometrical shapes, squiggly lines and bright colors call to mind Saved by the Bell or Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Her most recent show titled “Paint” at Horton Galley, refers to the computer art program we all played on our clunky desktops as kids. With colliding bright shapes, color fill-ins and gradient backgrounds, Benson paintings beautifully capture the earliest experiments in computer art and the visceral sense of the digital consciousness we all currently inhabit.

Still in her 20’s, Benson has become a major figure in the abstract art scene, headlining three solo shows, Freight + Volume 2010, Mike Weiss 2011 and Horton Gallery 2013, as well as, a write up in The New York Times. Benson received her MFA at Pratt and lives and works in Brooklyn. We were lucky enough to get a first-hand look at her studio in Greenpoint and talk about live as an artist. Check out our exclusive interview:

(image sourced via AnnStreetStudio)

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