Last week was wild. So wild that I was too death bed kinds of hung over to write this mess til today. Anyway, I was planning on a chill, two bud light maximum Monday evening at the Bowery ballroom with a concert from singer-songwriter Lissie.  Then my posse of gay model friends attacked me with their magical model powers outside of Whole Foods and along we went to Westway for what would be a Givenchy party. Apparently the cfda awards were earlier in the evening. P.S. does anyone know what that shit exactly is? #Unclear

In short, the open bar situation led to lots of inappropriateness, as seen below. The following evening aka tipsy Tuesday my liver kindly forgave me and allowed me to hit up the Bowery hotel for another open bar bash celebrating the launch of the latest Bose headphones. The creme de la creme of below 14th street (ex: Tennessee Thomas on the 1s and 2s and many an It girl) came out to party and test the seriously amaze new headphones out — there’s some crazy noise canceling situation going on with these babies. The evening ended with a performance by The Virgins. And shout out to the bomb ass appetizers. yeah I went there!! Anyway, happy Monday… Blurry photo diary below! For more photos, hit up— ALEX  CATARINELLA

There were lots of well known faces at the Givenchy party at The Westway. Jessica Chastain, Kate Upton, Zachary Quinto. But, no. THIS BEAUTY is the superstar of the evening/my icon.
Models as friends.
Me unraveling whilst clinging onto Paper Magazine’s dazzling Mr. Mickey Boardman alongside the loveliest Drew Elliot.  Werk those sequins honey.
Iconic moments happening.
Iconic moments happening.
Obesity & Speed should make a Choose Sobriety for me.
 The next evening = Bose (who make the best f’n headphones ever)
threw a bash at the Bowery Hotel. Here’s my BFF, who lives a floor
below me, and who may or may not have been one of Bravo’s Gallery
That’s Peter serving some ’90s stoner realness.
This is my model friend again. His name is John Tuite and he’s
really smart but he has a BF, so, sorry.
The Virgins.