Cheap art for an expensive taste, revive your art game: The Affordable Art Fair.

allison mcwhirter irises in pink

Allison Mcwhirter.

It’s arrived in New York and this is pretty much what you should know… It’s a day trip worth taking. The Affordable Art fair is a global contemporary fair that gives people (like you, and me, and other 20-somethings) the opportunity to own their own art regardless of how broke we are. For new collectors or old, this is an event for good buys at ridiculously low prices.

Laurent Chéhére plexiglass

Laurent Chéhére.

Held in 14 cities around the world (Amsterdam, Bristol, Brussels, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Maastricht, Mexico City, Milan, New York, Singapore and Stockholm) the fair is customized for each location. For New York,  galleries have focused on smaller works, abstract pieces, and photography. This spring’s fair will showcase over 78 galleries at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC’s Chelsea, today, April 2nd to the 6th.

brooke shadan the falling of autumn darkness

Brooke Shadan.

So what does it mean when they say affordable?  You can pick up a fine piece of an art world gem that’s worth $5,000 and cop it for just $100. Generally, the works are priced from $100 to $10,000 (the majority > $5,000) and are curated from a wide range of galleries, from our own NYC to as far away as Bejing.Not only can pieces like this tranform your living space, but they travel with you from apartment to apartment, and eventually get passed down through our families — it becomes a investment that’s surpasses the value you purchased it for.

veronica green strawberry time

Veronica Green.

What you’ll pay to get in — $15 general admission.

This is what you’ll find to buy — Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, printmaking and photography.

This is what you’ll experience — Coffee drinking, artist and curator talks, panel discussions and kids’ activities (if you’re into that).

These are the artists we love that are participating — Kate Gibb, Claudia Perpetuo, Veronica Green and Thanh Van Pham, Anish Kapoor and Damien Hirt.

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