This picture is worth six words, in the form of this question: “who is that creepy guy behind you?” Here’s why.

As I scroll through my Facebook and look at the endless amounts of posts and pictures from my mere acquaintances, I tend to be growing quite bored of Facebook. No I don’t want to join your “lost my phone” Facebook page and no I don’t want to add my moms friend that I went to church with when I was eight! Oh, and, we get it. You’re pregnant. Again. End rant.

Anywho, in the midst of my late night lurking, I found a renewed sense of excitement in my time spent on Facebook. (Even though this grew out of the depressing, self-loathing, lack luster event I like to call my free time, it’s entertaining nonetheless.) You see, I seemed to have stumbled across an interesting game. A game I challenge you to play. The game is trying to find a gem in all these random photos we all waste time starring at and don’t lie… yes you do dork out into Facebook Land just as much as everybody else. Ok so, what’s the gem?

Gem: [jem] verb (gems, gemming, gemmed ) [ with obj. ] (usu. as adj. gemmed): That creepy dude behind you in your picture that you didn’t even realize was there.

Used in a sentence: Seriously, how did you not see that gem? Not to mention, the girl that’s gemming next to him looks like she just found out her boyfriend is into dudes.

So, I dare you to not lose hope on your Facebook just yet. I challenge you to brave your manufactured, mundane stream of friends one last time before pretending to delete your book of face. See if you too can find that gem. I warn you that it will not happen fast and it will not be easy, but I assure you, brothers and sisters, once you do spot him, you will know right off what to do! [Enter cheering crowd sounds/anticipation]. And that is, send it to me because I have a collection I’ve started in a folder on my computer called A Creepy Dude Behind You. This is the only picture so far. Seriously help me. Someone, I need help.

— Michael Aviles (Follow Mike on Twitter @avilesmike)

P.S. I can’t decide if this gem looks like a less buff version of Gohan from Dragon Ball Z or an Asian zombie. You decide.