I learned a few things from The Weird Issue. Allow me to share.


IDGAF is the mantra of all things weird. But, what I learned from this issue is that to be weird doesn’t mean being apathetic, but instead means not giving a fuck in a fun, expressive way. Throwing norms to the side isn’t necessarily spiteful, but is a fantastic way to break new ground and explore what’s on the margins.

This is why I think Tove Lo’s music is going to be such a hit this summer – she doesn’t care about social norms, but not in a way that makes her inaccessible. Her music is totally relatable, but at the same time she speaks to feelings that are difficult to talk about. She’s poppy, she’s fun, but her song “Stay High (Habits)” is just straight up sad. Yet, her music isn’t the type of sad that leaves you moping in the corner. Instead, hers is the type of music that lets you know it’s okay to be melancholy, and that in fact it’s quite normal, and you can still go out and have a good time if you’re down. I’m excited to have her serenade me through those summer nights that become summer mornings or those afternoons where I just don’t know what to do with myself. She’s raw, she’s honest, she’s weird, I love it.

weird issue tove lo

Another lesson from this issue was respecting all the creative potential of weirdness. So many great interviews with artists, musicians, and designers are in this issue! Refusing to fit a marketable image can be really terrifying as a young artist, especially when the market is already so competitive. But the interview with Angel Cabada really hit home the rewards of paying attention to your own vision instead of chasing the vision of others.

weird issue angel cabada

Let us not forget the fantastic fashion spreads in this issue. While each fashion editorial differs greatly, I feel like all the models combine 90s nostalgia with 21st century stoner chic. The “Birds and Bees” feature adds the perfect amount of preppiness to the collection without overdoing pastels and pretty patterns.  My favorite fashion spread was “Feed Your Freak.” Not only were the clothes delicious, but also the photography and graphic design perfectly mirrored the look and feel of the model’s style.

Fashion is about so much more than clothes on a body – the ability to evoke feelings, call up memories, inspire new perspectives all with a simple design is what defines great style. The photos of crushed lollipops and lobbed pineapples were as much a part of the look as refreshing attire on the model.

weird issue feed your freak pineapple

The whole issue is fantastically strange. Rotating, inverse alien/carnival clown/monster models and ladies wearing tights as pants are always awesome to stare at (for different reasons, of course). Give it a read and see what lessons you learn…or…well…other experiences you may have while diving into the Weird Issue.