Editor’s Letter: Rachel Eleanor Sutton, creator and Editor-in-Chief of SHK Magazine, talks WEIRD.


In a traditional sense, “weird” is being clad in black; dogs barking as you walk past; the anti-social braceface in the cafeteria… In today’s era (specifically spring/summer of 2014), weirdness seems to be some self-induced personality showcased via quirky instagrams (#dork = cool). The truth is that everyone, hopefully, carries the weight of their own weirdness in an organically — maybe even genetically programmed — type of way. I certainly haven’t nurtured some killer personality that allows me to feel e-special-ly different, but more times than not, my presence causes the uncomfortable person across from me to glare over my shoulder in search of an exit. Maybe it’s the bluntness and urgency of my tone? Maybe people misunderstand me for someone with bad intentions? Maybe people just don’t typically like me… Either way, I can’t say I mind, because it’s in those moments, lost amongst the people in the streets, that I’m at my most vulnerable. It’s also during those moments, when everyone gives up on me and leaves me to my own devices, that I’m able to ripen my own thoughts, and create.

Thus brings us to this edition of SHK, N°5… In case you haven’t already guessed, it’s The Weird Issue. We’re celebrating creatives who take great leaps of faith — even through fear and self-consciousness — to become, in some way or another, beacons of optimism and inspiration. True eccentricity isn’t something to “<3” or “gawk at” (although sometimes, it is). When someone is positively weird, they most likely have to sacrifice a sense of comfort for means of expression and individuality. For me, my sacrifice comes from a constant state of limbo: I’m an artist, but I’m not an artist. I’m incapable of either perfection or catastrophe.

I’ve always been awed by people’s ability to find meaning in “what things are supposed to be,” while making little efforts to understand those they might have failed to instantly appreciate. Forgetting to welcome strange feelings will only result in missed opportunities. Don’t rid yourself of any chance to define your emotions… As Charles Mingus, legendary Jazz musician (therefore, rule breaker by default) is quoted as saying: “Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”

Anyways, that’s the idea I’d like to leave you with. And as you read through this edition, I ask that you feel inspired by the amazing talent within these pages. Remember, when it comes to creativity, choose the people you surround yourself with carefully, pick only those who truly believe in you regardless of any oddities. Finally, I hope that you’ll explore the energy of your own weirdness… If only just to see where it might take you.

Until next time,

Rachel Eleanor Sutton







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