The world is always in need of a good leather jacket.

leather jacket with spikes

Even though winter continues to prevail in NYC, but as those hits of spring start to fuck with us, we look forward to the small things — like not wearing three million layers and eating ice cream in a cone. Naturally, once March comes around, we begin developing a love-hate relationship with the weather, and it seems like there are way too many of those tricky-tricky days where the sunshine is bright and glamorous, but the wind is almost slapping you in the face (Ugh…). So we drown our sorrows in, like duh, the beauty of fashion — i.e., the power of creative expression — and don our favorite leather jacket because, not only is it durable, it’s rebellious and timeless. It’s leather jacket season.

But why do we say that the leather jacket is rebellious and timeless? Well, see for yourself as we trace the (r)evolution of this fashion staple as well as feature some of our own snazzy leather jacket picks for spring leather jacket season.— MEGHAN FARNSWORTH —>

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