Ceremoniously burn your Sephora Beauty Insider card and replace your entire beauty regime with coconut oil for skin and hair. It’s only $15 and can be found at your local grocery store.

Hi,  I’m a certain beauty chain-store-a-holic (cough… Sephora). I have a VIB (very important beauty insider) card… don’t ask how many lip-glosses I bought to acquire that status… 734 points on my account and the nice man at counter in SoHo knows my dog’s name.  I’ve certainly acquired a lot of colored eyeliners — oh and there was that nail art phase I went through… oops. My bathroom is laden with nourishing hair masks, sulfate-free shampoo, color-safe conditioner, color enhancing conditioner. I have straightening products, heat protectors, hair oil, shine spray. Day cream, night cream, eye cream, body butter… FARK! What if one EXTREMELY cheap, natural, multi purpose product could replace (almost) all of that for less than your Chopt salad. “ARE YOU NUTS!?” … yes, coco-nuts. Check the aisles of your grocery store ladies because using coconut oil for skin and hair is a MUCH cheaper alternative to your usual beauty regime and it’s just as effective. If you’re working in finance (ka-ching) or just a sucker for pretty labels and scents other than that of a Mounds bar you can also shop the alternatives.

I use Artisana Coconut Oil because I live paycheck to paycheck plus it’s organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin, raw, (insert buzz word here) and smells like pina colada on the beaches of the Caribbean.


Click through the pages to see how you can substitute your favorite makeup and beauty products for this magical oil from nature.

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