You like shopping? You’re an SHK kind of girl? Koshka = Fashion. Trends. Boutique. And they are right on point.

SHK: Who is your ideal client? What kind of girl shops at Koshka?

Creative Director Teresa Hu: Someone who has fun with fashion and comes from a creative background. We love stocking up on labels that make artist collaborations (like Something Else by Natalie Wood).  For us it’s dressing in a thoughtful and artistic way, and anyone who feels a connection with that would enjoy shopping at our boutique.

How did you start Koshka in the first place and why?

We started with the intention of being a platform for unknown and small labels. In the beginning we mostly focused on Japanese and European designers, but now we have labels from all around the world and a large chunk from Los Angeles. We wanted to focus on the designer and to showcase them as artists and bring things into the market we had never seen before.

You’re based in LA, do you have any physical retail stores or is it exclusively online?

We are exclusively online. We are playing around with the idea of having studio visits. It all depends on if there’s enough interest!


You’re clothing is very LA with lots of color, prints, and interesting fabric choices. What factors go into choosing certain pieces?

It’s funny that you say that! We feel like we’re not very L.A. at all. We would describe our shop as being international and not really related to a city- but maybe some of L.A has seeped into our psyche.

When we are buying for the shop, a lot of consideration goes into each piece. An advantage of being a small boutique is that we get the chance to edit at high level since we’re not buying thousands of pieces at a time. There are two main things we have to find balance in when purchasing pieces: First, the quality of the fabric versus the price. Second, the wearability of the piece and whether it’s something we’ve never seen before.

Are many of the clothing collections you sell LA based or are you open to designers from all areas?

Absolutely! Several labels we carry now are from L.A. such as Love Zooey and Objects Without Meaning. These labels also happen make a lot of their clothes locally, which is something we love to support. We really do not limit based on the designer’s location.


What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet right now?

It’s a tank that just came in from Stylestalker that has the Hong Kong skyline on it. There’s something really dreamy about the image. I’ve been wearing it underneath white overalls and I like how the print works with something clean and minimal.


What does Koshka stand for? What’s the story behind the name?

Koshka means cat in Russian. I wish there was something significant we could say, but it’s really just the aesthetic sound of the word and also, cats are cute.

Who are your favorite designers right now?

Stylestalker, Shakuhachi and Something Else by Natalie Wood.

For style/fashion inspiration our go to blogs are, of course, SHK’s tumblr and Koshka’s blog. Check out some pics that they are inspired by:





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