The journey finally ends. We’ve found the perfect leather jacket in VEDA.


lookbook photos by Olivia Malone

The journey to the perfect leather jacket can be Odyssean in intensity. You search and search, season after season, in racks on racks on racks, and still the ideal piece eludes you. The leather is too cheap, the cut is all wrong, it’s too studded, too zippered, too… something not quite right. Well, Lyndsey Butler knows exactly how that feels, so she saves the day with VEDA.

Launched back in 2006, Butler’s mission for VEDA is to create the perfect leather jacket, emphasizing fit and leather of the highest quality. In the past eight years, Butler has done more than just that — she’s created countless gorgeous leather pieces from jackets to pants, collaborated with fashion heavyweights like Pamela Love, Reformation and Jayne Min, the blogger behind Stop It Right Now, and has basically become one of our biggest designer crushes.

One look at the VEDA website reveals a myriad of pieces that we need in our closets, like, now: oversized black biker jackets, slouchy vests, updated overalls, sexy cigarette pants, you name it, VEDA’s made it. That red vest you’ve only found in your dreams? Check. Never new you wanted a cool cropped jacket with a back made of authentic woven blankets, western inspired removable belt and Buffalo nickel pendant on the collar? VEDA did, so they made you one. A pretty A-line miniskirt, leather-sleeved trench coat, even minimalist clutch purses — Butler has succeeded in creating a one-stop shop for every leather need you could ever have conceived and probably haven’t even thought of yet.

So what will you do with all of that free time you won’t be spending on leather jacket searches? We’ll just leave that up to you. — KERRI JAREMA



VEDA Zero Leather Pant in Black


VEDA x REVOLVE Max Studded Leather Jacket


VEDA Max Classic Leather Jacket in Army