We get it. With countless designers out there, tons of which have completely foreign names, and new trends popping up left and right, it gets tough to figure out how the hell youre supposed to say all of this stuff… Much less, what youre supposed to wear. So, to help you out, weve rounded up a bunch of the trickiest words in fashion, along with a handy guide on how pronounce them. 


written by CHELSEA MOORE

Balenciaga – \Bah-len-see-AH-gah\ Known for their feminine meets modern designs and their awesome City bags. Like Myrtle Snow in American Horror Story: Coven, we’re big fans.



Bulgari –  \BUHL-guh-ree\ This fashion house is known for their luxe accessories, gorgeous jewelry and delightful fragrances. It can be a bit confusing because when spelled out the ‘U’ looks more like a ‘V.’


Dries Van Noten – \DREEZE van KNOW-ten\ This Belgian designer was described as “one of fashion’s most cerebral designers” by The New York Times. The name fits that, ’cause talking about the latest Dries collection definitely makes us feel more in the know.

Dries-Van-Noten-runway-illustration-look-fashion-styleillustration by Lidia Luna

Givenchy –  \zhee-von-she\ Givenchy designed the inimitable black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys.


Haute Couture – \oat koo-tour\ Merriam-Webster defines haute couture as “the houses or designers that create exclusive and often trend-setting fashions for women and the clothes they create.”


Hermès –  \er-mez\ The creator of one of the most iconic handbags of all time, the Birkin bag, this French label is definitely one you should know how to pronounce.


Hervé Leger – \air-vay lay-jay\ Known best for their many different styles of bandage dresses, Hervé Leger is a favorite of all kinds of celebrities and body con lovers and celebrity body con lovers.


Issey Miyake –  \EE-say me-AH-kay\ This is the name of both the designer and the line itself; Miyake is a Japanese designer who actually designed the black turtlenecks that Apple’s Steve Jobs practically lived in.


Lanvin – \lon-vahn\ One of the oldest names on this list, the Lanvin fashion house has been around since 1889. They’re French, and as such are known for classically feminine styles and fantastic ballet flats.


Christian Louboutin – \loo-boo-tan\ Ah, those classic red soles. If you don’t know who Christian Louboutin is, stop reading SHK.


Monique Lhullier – \mo-neek loo-leeyay\ Lhuillier is a staple designer when it comes to wedding dresses. Seriously, her gowns are kind of the jam, at least if majorly princess-like dresses are your thing.


Olivier Theyskens –  \oh-liv-ee-yay tay-skins\ Theyskens is just a designer, not a fashion line; he has designed collections for Rochas, Nina Ricci, and Theory.


Patrick Demarchelier – \Patrick de-marsh-al-YAY\ Renowned fashion, editorial and fine arts photographer who is also heavily referenced in The Devil Wears Prada.


Proenza Schouler –  \pro-en-za skool-er\ Between their amazing graphic prints, their Target collection, and the PS1’s continued presence as on of the biggest It bags around, Proenza Schouler is one for the books.


Yves Saint Laurent –  \eve sanh la-rahn\ Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most iconic fashion houses ever, and they’re credited with introducing tuxedo jackets for women. Menswear inspiration? Yes, please.


 [images sourced via Tumblr, Gawker and WWD. If these images belong to you, please let us know because you’re awesome, and we’d like to provide proper credits/remove image(s) upon request.]