Getting your spirit right with yarn.


Seasonal Affective Disorder, or — appropriately, SAD — is defined on WebMD as a type of depression that affects a person (typically during the winter) during the same season each year. Though “experts” are unsure to the causes of SAD, it’s linked to a lack of sunlight and can effect sleeping habits, eating habits and general mood. As anyone would, I imagine, is that mood will (and does) have the ability to affect our jobs, our social interactions, and our overall well-being. Though the majority of us may not suffer from conditions such as SAD, it’s not unrealistic to believe that the wintertime will still cause some level of depression, even if it’s simply being bummed that some snow storm made us unmotivated to do something, caused us to be late for work, and so on and so forth.

If you can relate to anything that I’ve mentioned so far, you may be interested in learning that there is a product out there that supposedly has the ability to positively change your mood. THE YARNLIGHT COLLECTIVE, founded by Adam Jones in 2012— former designer at luxury brands Dior and Kenzo — offers two unique items: a light weight sweater and a pashmina style scarf wrap, which use a “highly innovative knitting yarn spun from carbon, bamboo and cashmere” that according to the brand, have “imprinted energy into the yarn using a very specific process combining intuitive healing and quantum physics” by 30 trained healers through a specific meditative process.


The items are produced in a small, family run factory located in Tuscany, Italy and the energy imprinted within the clothing are said to last as long as the sweater and will enhance the wearer energetically. An unusual yet exquisite feature to the brand’s products is the sophisticated detail in the yarn, made from 24-carat gold.

Sound too good to be true? Need some proof? Well, the products have been tested by an array of international scientists, including most notably Dr. W Tillet of Stanford University, T.E.S Lab in Italy and Lutz Rabe, head of Bioelectrophotonics institute in Germany, through a variety of tests has proved that these things actually work in improving energy AKA our minds our blown.


The sweater and scarf are sold exclusively through the Yarnlight Collective website for 350/240 Euros, and are offered in four colors — red, black, blue and camel. Along with your purchase you receive a care bag, which has a specially designed isothermal lining and a wearer’s guide, which instructs you to rub yours hands together vigorously, creating an invisible force of electromagnetic energy.

Whether or not you are convinced, the Yarnlight Collective has received a great deal of positive attention and at the end of the day, is a company which promotes positive energy, wellness and balance, as well partial sales donations to charity. The website offers additional information regarding the items, the process of their creation, and the research behind it all.  Check it out to learn more, or if I’ve already got you on board, to make a healthy purchase. — VERONICA HOGLUND