Growing up in country Victoria, Elly Frangos — womenswear designer at RES Denim — fostered her obsession with fashion and design at a very young age. Meet our new favorite denim line RES Denim, through an exclusive photo diary by Ms Frangos, just for SHK.

res denim black leather overalls

Res Denim Leather Overalls

Between customising her own ballet costumes, Elly quickly realised her love for all things fashion and went on to study fashion. Since 2001, she has been working as a designer, specializing in denim, trends, fits and construction.

“I’ve always loved denim, so I jumped straight in and I’ve never looked back. Growing up in the ’90s I was surrounded by denim from the grunge era and films such as Dazed and Confused, 16 Candles, and Degrassi Junior High. All of which I own.”

Working with Bradmill, an iconic Australian denim company, it was here that Elly was introduced to denim trend forecasting and design. In 1927 Bradmill cotton mills opened in Yarraville, Melbourne. Bradmill introduced stretch denim to the Australian market, providing fabric to both local and international denim brands. “I was lucky enough to work with the owner of Bradmill, he was an amazing mentor for me. I have since travelled around the globe forecasting for many major players in the Australian denim industry.”

Now as the senior women’s designer for RES Denim, Elly draws on over 13 years of denim know-how. Whether it’s fine-tuning fits, developing washes or spending countless hours trawling for inspiration, a day in the life of a jean jeanie is never boring.

“What sets RES Denim a part is that we have access to both vintage Bradmill denim that was milled right here in Melbourne, as well as top of the range Turkish and Spanish fabrications.”

“The twin needle stitching is also a major differentiator, it’s narrower than other brands use. You would be surprised just how much this small adjustment makes our women’s jeans look more modern and creates a better line on the female body.”

Inspired by vintage clothes, fabrics, photographs and music, the collections reflect vintage vibes with contemporary updates. “I collect vintage denim, original band Tees and vinyl. I’m also hugely into rock and metal music from the 1970s and ’80s. Common culprits include Bon Scott, Slash (and the entire Guns N’ Roses gang), Robert Plant, James Hetfield and Rob Halford, just to name a few!”

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