Slip into sleepwear that feels good and looks even better.


As designers continue to develop pajamas for street style and sidewalks (joggers etc), there still seems to be a lack of cool pajamas – in the literal way – the ones you wear to sleep. If you are like lots of gals, you’re wearing your boyfriends rock band tee and some baggy ill fitting sweat pants (that may or may not have ice-cream residue on them). Enough is enough, its possible to really to feel as bad as our sleepwear looks… to not have your pj’s match the fashion sense we know we were born with is just getting old. Enter Noctu – a sleepwear collection inspired by organic textiles and beautiful design. It’s literally the luxe pajamas you never knew existed (and they feel as good as they look). With their signature 100% organic cotton collection, they have curated a line of indoor apparel that is both effortlessly elegant and indulgently comfortable.



There is a curated range of products spanning from nighties, cardigans, harems, men’s shorts and bottoms, however, there are a few things that all Noctu pieces have in common: they are soft and lightweight, breathable, available in simple, natural colors, and totally fall-in-love-with-worthy.


After you buy, ask yourself this question… can what you wear help you sleep better?

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