The Mödernaked girl wears round sunnies, is eclectic with her patterns and knows how to sport a statement accessory. Oh, and they are always gorg.


In one word, accessory brand MÖDERNAKED is (unbearably) cute. For starters, the bio section on their website provides you with an atypical biography for a site trying to sell products. It lists 15 short but, natural, sweet sentences, which all include the brand’s name, like “Mödernaked sounds Swedish, but it’s Spanish,” or “Mödernaked thinks that people are wonderful (sometimes)” and “Mödernaked drinks 2 liters of H2O everyday.” While, you may not learn anything about the company from it — other than it’s based out of Spain — it’s super spirited, and that’s what we dig here at SHK.

Mödernaked is an accessory brand for the young, flirty, and slightly freaky girl who accessorizes with those ideals in mind. Their products include a jewelry line, accessory line, and a small apparel line, filled with  printed tees and shorts.



For their most recent collection, Mödernaked showcased their latest ring bling in an Internet inspired lookbook that we are obsessing over. Photographed by Berta Pfirscich, it features colorful pastel backdrops, hints of metallic embellishments, and relics of the ’90s — including a Pokémon for Gameboy and unicorn figurine. With range to choose from, including several breeds of dogs, skulls, unicorns, and a variety of animals wearing gold crowns, the rings are my personal favorite out of the entire jewelry collection and are moderately priced — not exceeding $110 dollars (yes!). Made from polished brass, each enameled ring is adjustable and hand painted, so that no two are ever the same. In addition to rings, Mödernaked’s jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings and brooches — all with a similar aesthetic.



Their accessory line is just as covetable as their jewelry, with items such as their handmade Mediterranean inspired bags that come in over 20 printed fabrics, funky socks, soft scarves, and 5 panel hats, also available in a number of different options. Mödernaked to a certain degree is still a bit of a mystery, but we have to admit,  so far we like what we see. — VERONICA HOGLUND