Meet Louise Ebel of the blog, Miss Pandora. She follows her heart, not those scuzzy trends, and sticks it to the man.


“I don’t know the key to success, but for me, it’s about staying true to yourself, and not listening to what others’ say about who you should be in order to be successful. I don’t invest in brands to buy brands; I invest in items that I know will follow me all my life. I follow my heart, not the trends.” — Louise Ebel of Miss Pandora

With a creamy complexion framed by frizz-free copper hair, fashion blogger Louise Ebel is a woman of many passions… Seriously — her blog is literally a Pandora’s box (not in the evil sort of way). Aside from portraying fashion, her blog is a gallery that displays both art and writing, which earns major cool points in our opinion. After all, she invests her time in a variety of things, like converting her apartment into a mod loft, studying 19th century French women and learning Japanese. (Louise even wanted to be a rock star…hold the phone…).

And as we admire her flowy dresses, we might easily assume that her style is effortlessly elegant. But we were quite wrong… Instead, after talking with the blogger, we realized that Louise is an incredible risk-taker because, beneath all of the soft layers of chiffon and frills, she’s actually a very unique soul — one who loves experimenting with style and isn’t afraid of using fashion as an expression of her personality. Again, we totally dig. — CARISSA GAN


My style is always in constant evolution. I don’t remember when it started because I know that I’ve always liked experimenting with clothes. When I was a teen, I was into punk and I would dress super eccentric, and later, I was into ’90s Lolita through the style of Courtney Love, then ’60s pop and so forth. My style is always changing depending on my cultural taste at the moment.


Colors are important for me — no more than three. I usually like to mix interesting colors together because it gives a great allure to the outfit when the colors are well-chosen. I also like to give an edge or add something a little tougher to a romantic outfit. That’s one of my golden rules.


I think art and fashion go really well together because fashion has always been inspired by art, and fashion can also be found in art. I mean, painters like Ingres were choosing the dresses their models would wear in paintings!


There’s a strong retro vibe in the ’70s that I love. I love the decadence, freedom, aesthetics, music, people, parties, fun, eroticism and the constant re-interpretation of the past but in a more bohemian way.


I think I’m very influenced by French style… It’s something that I’m really interested in now. I used to say that I hated the French fashion (it was too simple for my taste), but since my trips to Tokyo, I discovered what they see in French style and it’s exactly what I like too. I love ’60s French fashion icons like Anna Karina, Françoise Dorléac… I love the influence of the 19th century on French fashion and I love the crazy ’20s. Sadly, this influence is not very common in Paris, but I re-discovered it in Japan.


I love researching the image of women from the 19th century, so I’m always reading a lot of forgotten books from that century and writing a lot about it all. I did an article on the blog based on my studies, and I work as a journalist for Marie Claire Japan and as a presenter for A Japanese TV on the most famous network, NHK. I’m crazy about interior design. My apartment is my field of experiments! I’m also passionate about music because I go to a lot of gigs, and I support my boyfriend who’s a musician. I’m also crazy about movies. I’d love to act someday! And I’m learning Japanese too.


I’m Virgo but my ascendant is Scorpio, which says a lot about me. I’m really down to earth and I love self-mockery, and I know that most people don’t know it.


My ideal pair of shoes would be black, high, laced-up boots, for sure.


Just be yourself, always. That’s the most important tip I can ever give.