The lovely and delicately delightful creations of Sarah & Sebastian Jewelry transcend the never-ending circles of trends.


Owning a collection of beautiful, classic jewelry requires no sartorial renovations. Rather, such pieces tell a story, and the basis of the plot comes from the inspirations and backdrops of the collection’s designers. Thus explains our lavish adoration for Australian-based jewelry brand Sarah & Sebastian. Launched in 2011 by Sarah Gittoes (with a background in design) and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki (with a background in industrial design and goldsmith), the Sydney-based label fuses intricate artistry with innovative, geometric shapes that transcend the circling eras of trends. The duo strongly adheres to an honest manufacturing process, hand-making every piece, whilst utilizing responsible resources and fine fabrications. Here, we sat down with Sarah to learn more about the profound brand’s admirable philosophies, their conceptual process and upcoming International plans.

What are you currently working on?

We have recently completed our next collection, launching in August 2015.

It is a relatively graphic collection, inspired by iconography of the Halo in art.

We manage the creative direction of our campaigns and are currently working with a video production team for our next collection. Video is a new media for us to communicate the concept of our collection and we are excited.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration and the conceptual concept behind the beautiful TENOR collection.

The idea for TENOR Collection developed after watching an interesting documentary about the idea of energy lines that traverse at ancient sites. This concept of energy fields fascinated me and we explored this concept in our jewellery at the ‘micro’ level, particularly how energy surrounds the individual. The research for this project then contributed to our next collection.


How does a collection come to life? What inspires the concept of the pieces and the choosing of materials?

A collection forms after many hours of sampling and developing ideas. We are inspired by a form, motif or story and repeatedly rework this idea in metal, sketches or cad until we are happy with the final product.

Tell us about your three core philosophies of Sarah & Sebastian, and why they are important to you.

The three core philosophies within our business are ethics; we have an absolute commitment to ethical practice and this directly relates to our manufacturing processes and materials we source. To constantly evolve; I think it’s important to consistently explore new ideas, techniques and concepts. Finally, respect; for our customers, our product and the Sarah & Sebastian team.


What’s a regular day look like for you guys?

Actually, there isn’t anything regular about a day at Sarah & Sebastian! I am always engaged in projects that range from working at the jewelers bench, designing new pieces, experimenting with craft projects such as life casting, creating editorial exclusives, developing our website, photoshoots and the list goes on! 

You’ve done some stunning collaborations, do you have any future dream projects in mind?

We enjoy working with Dion Lee and Hatmaker, to have the opportunity to work with these talented people again would be wonderful!


In your opinion, what is the problem with the jewelry industry today?

I found it interesting to read into the effects of materials used in the fabrication of low-cost costume jewellery. In these pieces, toxic chemicals, some known to be carcinogens are present and can cause health issues. This leads me to value and appreciate our choice of using recycled precious metals in our jewellery, most of which we source through a local manufacturer.

What’s next on the accomplishment’s agenda for Sarah & Sebastian?

We are looking forward to growing the Sarah & Sebastian brand internationally.


Since this is SHK Magazine, we ask everyone to please tell us one thing you think we should:

SEE: Bondi Beach at sunrise.

HEAR: Always listen to your instincts.


KNOW: The benefits of meditation.

Yes! Meditation, it is. Shop the latest collection here, and be sure to keep an eye out for Sarah & Sebastian jewelry Internationally.

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