The fresh prints of Brooklyn-based clothing designer Ilana Kohn.

Ilana Kohn print

A former illustrator, Ilana Kohn worked for clients such as The New Yorker and The New York Times for almost a decade before she got into clothing design. With a life long love of fashion, Kohn began to craft her own clothing, transforming her illustrations into hand drawn print designs. Kohn has designed clothing based on the idea of easy to wear, simply structured and effortless styles such as her beloved jumpsuit. Her years spent as an illustrator can be seen in her bold colorful patterns reminiscent of 1960’s patterns. Best of all, her cuts are made from luxurious silk.

Kohn started her line in 2012, since which her label has become a fixture in the Brooklyn design community and has begun to be sold in specialty stores around the country. We talked to Ilana about her inspirations, design process and life as a clothing designer.

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