When art and fashion exchange glances.


Innovative and sparkling with talent, artist Marguerite Bartherotte has progressed from the traditional canvas familiar to the painter and has entered the world of fashion, using T-shirts for her creative surface, creating hand painted wearable works of art, which obscure the line between art and fashion. Her brand G.KERO is a testament to her exploration of being both an artist and fashion designer.


Bartherotte grew up in Cap Ferret, in the south west of France. She began drawing during her childhood, and would later attend the acclaimed school of art and design, La Cambre, located in Belgium. Following university, the artist honed her craft working with family, such as her cousin and American artist Jules de Balincourt in New York and later her brother, Philippe. Her interactions and experiences with Philippe pushed her into the world of fashion, after he requested her to do a few drawings that he would use in creating his own t-shirts. The small project quickly began to spiral into a larger venture and after creating a number of designs for friends, decided to produce them industrially. As such, G.KERO came to fruition


G.KERO takes its name from the short film “Gisele Kerozene,” by French director Jan Kounen and at present times offers buyers a small but intelligently curated selection of tees, long sleeved shirts, tanks, night gowns, canvas tote bags, and scarves, which feature her fluid, often colorful designs ranging from animals to imaginative characters… Full of fantasy, humor and romance. Her products are specially designed, with casual silhouettes, raw cut edged sleeves and plain necklines and are fabricated out of top quality cotton woven fabric from the best mills found in Portugal.


Though it isn’t unusual to come across a printed t-shirt with a simple Google search, G.KERO remains a fresh and exceptional brand that’s only beginning to expand. Her shirts cost between 65 and 75 Euros and can be found at a handful of high-end multi brand stores and boutiques across France (and in over twenty countries). It’s difficult not to fall in love with G.KERO, given the fine quality of the clothing and the artistic endeavors made in their creation. The shirts — as the designer says and as any spectator would agree — are both relaxed and sophisticated. Keep your attention on this one. Big and bright things are sure to be in the brand’s future. — VERONICA HOGLUND