frends-women-headphones-Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 15.24.18 I’m big into over-ear headphones, especially ones that look good too, but the two don’t always go hand in hand. I just got this pair by Frends that sound SO good and are so cute. They actually keep some noise out too, so even if you’re not listening to music they’ll help you relax on the plane or wherever. I love the leather band and the stud shape over the ear. $199 at Nordstrom
. 8662380375_3b727e9aed_b Andrew Carmellini’s new restaurant Lafayette Grand Cafe is a total scene. The first thing you notice is that the noise levels at the former Chinatown Brasserie space are a little more subdued, even when the place is stuffed to the gills with people, so clearly that cork ceiling they installed is succeeding in keeping it to a pleasant hum.  Move over Balthazar, there’s another French style brasserie/bakery on the fashion scene, and their reservations hotline is just as tied up as yours. For now at least. 
380 Lafayette Street
 New York, NY 10003

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 15.31.12

BARTON PERREIRA | TRAFFIC 2013 from Barton Perreira on Vimeo.

My all-time favorite sunglasses brand is Barton Perreira and I had a chance to check out the new frames last week. The simplicity and elegance of each collection never fails to impress me and I love the Ronette frame for summer 2013. It’s got a slight cat-eye look without being overtly retro. I’m into the plain black pair personally, but they have some other amazing frame finishes too. nora_kogan Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 15.31.46 I am legitimately obsessed with Nora Kogan jewelry. She’s based in Brooklyn and all her pieces have such a sense of humor about them, it’s hard not to want everything. It’s fine jewelry, so it’s not a frivolous purchase, but the neon matchstick rings are pretty affordable at $180. TrueCo_FashionEmergency   Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 14.15.48 Ladies! Trying on lingerie is a real pain in the boobs, isn’t it? Trying it on at home, however, is not. True & Co is an online lingerie store in which you answer a few simple questions about your regular size and fit and they come up with five bra suggestions for you. You pay a deposit of $40, they send the bras to you, and you are only charged for the ones you keep.  So easy and pleasant! They have pretty things from Elle Macpherson, Felina, Blush, Montelle and more. Victoria’s what?

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