Feltraiger’s new documentary introduces the brothers behind the label, their legacy and the future of New American Classic

feltraiger documentary

When immigrants arrived in New York City in the 1800s they were greeted with both Ellis Island and the potential to reinvent themselves and their legacy in a land full of hope, dreams and unbridled possibility. The symbolic gesture of casting away ones ‘former self’ to be reborn in The New World was often realized by altering, blending or completely reinventing the very thing that made you ‘you’… your name.

In a completely circular, albeit poetic tribute to their family history, brothers Daniel and Jon Feldman alter, blend and reinvent historic concepts of clothing under the moniker of what was once the namesake of their ethnic Russian heritage. Thus, ‘Feldman’ re-becomes ‘Feltraiger’, and Brooklyn gets some ‘New American’ threads and denim jackets to rock out in. With pieces paying homage to the aesthetics of the fashion, art and counter-culture of the late 60’s, Feltraiger creates textured interpretations of Americana through a design philosophy that focuses primary on themes of rebellion, motorcycles and very affordable beer. Did we mention motorcycles?

“Stay Gold” Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Video Lookbook

“We’re not exactly a motorcycle brand but we have some of those inspirations. We’re almost a contemporary menswear brand but a little more lifestyle,” says brand manager Jon Feldman.

“We’re trying to be able to design, create and build anything we would like in our life now days. From clothing, books, cars, furniture, motorcycle parts, whatever they may be,” he says.

What began in Brooklyn, New York is now a bi-costal operation with new retail, design and production spaces in Los Angeles. It would appear that the Feldman brothers and the team behind Feltraiger are certainly beginning to carve out their legacy.

“When it came time to name a project that was really gonna be something that I poured my heart into, I wanted it to be something that wasn’t trendy [and] that I would never get sick of and Feltraiger just made a lot of sense,” says Founder Daniel Feldman.

“We were raised with the idea, not to sound cliché, but if you can dream it you can do it.”

Circular indeed…

Feltraiger: New American Classic from Valiant Pictures on Vimeo.

The Feltraiger flagship store is located at 155 Grand St, Brooklyn. Their new collection Summer of 69’ will hit the shelves this February.