Your life just got a little more brighter. Meet the new Della collection.


While countries worldwide begin to shift their focus towards more sustainable ways of living, fashion brands, like the Los Angeles-based Della, are becoming more socially aware. Aside from featuring accessories and menswear pieces, which embrace traditional West African textiles, Della is dedicated to providing career, educational and skills training opportunities for women in Hohoe, Ghana. So when you decide to purchase that rad colorful Hobo bag or laptop case, consider your money well-spent because it becomes a donation towards empowering women in Africa.


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By supporting Della, you are not only helping women learn new skill sets, but you’re also giving them the tools to create a unique and positive change in their own environments. With weekly participation in literacy, money-management classes, a Volleyball League and with teaching local children how to improve their motor, math and sewing skills, Della is not only inspiring their female employees, but also the community that surrounds them. With spring on the way (please, please no more snow NYC), Della has added two new beautiful pastel fabric prints for its travel bags and coin purses — the Poppy and the Cherry Blossom. As shades of light blue, purple, lavender and red join on a canvas of bright white, you’ll be so in love that you’ll somehow persuade the winter sunshine to come out from behind the clouds (Come on! That’s all we got — wishful thinking…). Our favorite accessory they sell are the fun and brightly printed headbands. On that note, include some social change in your life today with Della because it’s fashion that you can feel oh-so-good about wearing.

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Della Founder Tina Tangalakis tells us one thing we should:

SEE: My 8-year-old nephew breakdance, he’s a natural.

HEAR: Nina Simone’s version of “I love you Porgy.”

KNOW: The best business advice I ever got was, “Fake it till you make it.”

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