Alright, hear me out. Bear in mind, I’ve weighed the pros and cons, have done extensive research, field-work (tried them on time after time), and I’ve finally decided. It was time for my first mandal. Yes, male sandal. I know, I know, it’s a touchy subject. Some (most) abhor them and others celebrate them. I was once grouped with the former, but the latter has creeped into my conscious again and again. “I know you want me…” they would whisper and flirt as the guy with the top knot and shiba inu outside the coffee shop strolled by. Well, I’ve given in. You win mandal. I couldn’t resist your temptations. I hope you’re happy.

menswear birkenstock

There was always something about sandals that always kind of grossed me out while walking the streets of NYC. Originally hailing from Hawaii, I was very open to the idea of the open toe. I wore sandals of the thong variety my entire life. I’ve well versed in the sandal game I guess is what I’m saying, but I just couldn’t bring myself to wear my Rainbows without feeling like a dirty, homeless guy. But Jesus(shoes), my feet burn up. It’s like the concrete is a furnace and my feet were screaming for some relief. I’ve had enough.

Well as a shiny new mandal-wearing guy, I thought you should all benefit from my dissertation on the art of the male sandal as well. Here are my top picks for the season because let’s face it, they’re beyond comfortable and thongs are for butts. Your poor, sweaty feet can’t take another sweltering summer in closed-toe, and it’s time for a change. Just be open-minded, and maybe you’ll be open-toed too.

It also doesn’t hurt that this season’s styles are great, and dare I say, kind of masculine? Or am I just fooling myself. I’m probably just fooling myself. Either way, I’m a convert and I’m giving my official endorsement. Take that information as you will.

Birkenstock for J. Crew Arizona Sandals


jcrew arizona sandals