Alder New York prides itself on thoughtful, practical designs that blur the lines between menswear and apothecary goods.


It’s no secret that we can get a little… Well, jaded, when it comes to fashion. When we’re not hearing about the latest designer “fast fashion” collaboration, we’re inundated with nothing but mostly unattainable luxury items we would never in a million years want be able to afford. So, we’re always chasing down local natives to re-inspire our love for clothes and accessories; small companies and tiny shops that are curated by people who understand the need for clothes made with authenticity and functionality in mind. Alder New York, launched in September 2011 by David J. Krause and Nina Zilka, is one of those brands.




Based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, part of the rich history of manufacturing and garment production that has been happening in New York for over a century, the duo creates clothes customers can cherish — long lasting, well-made and interesting additions to any wardrobe. As the former designers of celebrated brand the twentyten, Krause and Zilka have long been known for juxtaposing modern and stylish design sensibility with old –fashioned, hand-crafted fabrications. Their dedication to creating pieces that are both fascinating and properly constructed with top quality has continued throughout their ventures.



Classic denim shirts are updated with patches, pockets and two-tone colorways, while the street staple pullover is made with 100% European linen, skinny pants, layered sweaters, monochrome suits — all featuring small touches complete with special attention to detail, elevating everyday menswear into one of the coolest local lines we’ve seen. Also, we can’t help but love that Alder strives to be as sustainable as possible, taking as much care in sourcing materials as they do with the creation of the clothes themselves.




But, Krause ad Zilka don’t stop there. (Sorry, just a little more bragging and then we’re done, promise.) Alder New York is also an apothecary with genius additions like eucalyptus hair powder, juniper lip balm and natural beeswax pomade — giving us more than a little hope that Alder is likely to morph into a kick ass lifestyle brand in the near future. Who wouldn’t want a closet stocked, a bedroom decorated and a medicine cabinet filled with Alder goodies?  — KERRI JAREMA