Madeline Kragh dons Hadria New York for SHK Mag by Cody Ross


Hadria New York x Adrianna Beer SHK Mag by Cody Ross

The brainchild of jeweler and ornament-maker HADRIA, NY-based designer 
Adrianna Beer, prides herself on creating fun, intelligent jewelry for
 individuals with a distinct, modern style. With an emphasis on form,
function and bang-up artistry, Adrianna is the kind of visionary who gives 
her customers exactly what they crave — elegant ornaments that borrow the 
most innovative ideas from the past and melds them with contemporary 
advancements in design and a comprehensively avant-garde aesthetic. 
Inspired by modernist architecture, Americana, equestrianism and eccentric 
layering, Adrianna has been producing some of the most glam wearables in 
fashion: baroque combos of rhodium plating and charred silver, oxidized
metals delicately cast over skeletal and helical structures, yummy organic
 materials, negative space and incredibly innovative décor with a raw, 
rebellious spirit. She is part of a new breed of American designers who 
are choosing refinement and sincere sophistication over vintage and punky 
irony, forging a style that is quintessentially NYC: a blend of smart uptown glamour with a fresh downtown nonchalance. HADRIA’s signatures 
include a mind-bending range of rings, necklaces, bracelets and hybrid
knick knacks — a fusion of old-school luxury and new-world lifestyle. “The 
collection has lots of diverse components,” says Adrianna. “That’s how I 
design and how people dress—with intellect, novelty and an eye for mixing
 and layering.”  Watch out for Adrianna Beer + HADRIA! — Cody Ross

Hadria New York x Adrianna Beer for SHK Mag Summer 2013

Model Madeline Kragh wears HADRIA by Adrianna Beer

Jewelry by HADRIA by Adrianna Beer
Model MADELINE KRAGH of APM Model Management
Photography by BRITTANY KUBAT