It’s easy to suck when you’re a fashion blogger posting all the pretty things in life a normal person doesn’t get to experience. But for some reason, the bloggers below — in our Fashion Blogger Instagram list — don’t suck. They rule. 


We get it. You have a lot of clothes. You know how to print mix. You’ve mastered the art of the selfie (despite your boyfriend’s impressive knowledge around a Canon Rebel) and your cat-eye application is near flawless. You are a fashion blogger. For some, hearing the statement is enough to send eyeballs involuntarily rolling, but that doesn’t change the fact that these social media savvy individuals know exactly how to market themselves in a big, bad way. With massive followings, free clothes by the boxful and killer design collaborations that put dollars in the bank, the veterans have actually changed the way both industry insiders and the general public look at fashion. Now, you can’t walk into a Zara without seeing someone who is insta-famous, but if you’re up on the blogger scene, the result is a feed that features the same (questionable) mini skort through various filters. Don’t fret, fashion fiends, we’re here to help you sift through the endless shoe-shots with some fashion blogger accounts actually worth a follow.

Scott Schuman — The Sartorialist — @thesartorialist


If fashion blogging were a religion, this man would be the supreme deity. Follow his account for a slightly more personal look into the life of the man who made “street style” the new high fashion.

 Amy Soderlind — Refuses to Lable — @asoderlind


Stylist/blogger/consummate hippie, Amy Soderlind, has a life (and a perfectly shaggy fiance) some only dream about. Her bohemian style is instinctual and her account will make you want to hop in a VW Van straight to Northern California to play fetch with her dog and garden on what always seem to be sunny days.

Rumi Neely — Fashion Toast — @rumineely


Wanna know what perfect beach hair looks like? Care to see how to pull off Marabou heels without a hint of irony? How about wearing head-to-toe designer while rolling in sand on a beach? Sounds silly, really, but she’s famous for a reason.

Leandra Medine — Man Repeller — @manrepeller


Fashion’s favorite funny girl has the world wrapped around her waist like a perfectly placed fanny pack. She doesn’t take anything too seriously, except her six inch heels, which is why she is the most relatable personal style blogger out there and the best one to stalk whenever you need a life lesson.

Jana Kirn — Wolf and Willow — @j_kirn


While her day job has her sitting pretty in Philly blogging for Urban Outfitter’s bohemian little sister brand, Free People, Jana’s personal blog and instagram account have a little more of an edge. You’ll still see dreamy filters, rings stacked four deep and people running through fields of corn for no apparent reason, but the inspiration doesn’t feel so corporate coming for a girl who actually lives the life.

Amy Bell — The Little Magpie — @little_magpie1


Featured on SHK for her killer cool sense of style, following the Scottish blogger’s Instagram account gives you a little more insight into a life of crop tops and plaid coats. You know, more puking pumpkins, Wednesday Adams costumes and shoes. Oh, the shoes.

Karen — Where Did U Get That — @karenbritchick


While many bloggers like to layer on designers in a way the average Jane could not on a entry level salary, Karen has both an eclectic and attainable way of dressing. Her closet is a mix of vintage finds and pieces from perfectly reasonable brands like Zara, Mango and Madewell, but you never feel like you’re seeing the same ‘ol same ‘ol. Bravo, Brit chick, for bringing that across-the-pond Topshop mentality to us jaded New Yorkers and doing it, of course, with style.

Caroline Blomst — Caroline’s Mode — @carolineblomst


A noted one for putting Stockholm Street Style on the map, the Swedish beauty has a pretty solid grasp on her personal style, too. Her Instagram feed will rarely feature photos of her (a strange detachment from others in the blogging world), but you’ll still get a sense of what she’s digging and what’s coming next from one of the most underrated cities of style.

 Witches of Bushwick — @witchesofbushwick


It may be kind of a stretch to refer to Brooklyn babes Christine Tran and Anne Alexander as “fashion bloggers,” but they do make their own jersey’s that can be seen all over the streets of Morgantown, so we’ll count it. Follow them to see what you’re missing out on when not attending one of their soirees at Tandem and how to appropriately wear all black to compliment that burgeoning sleeve. Everday. All the time.

Ari Seth Cohen — Advanced Style — @advancedstyle


Proving that high fashion is not just for the younger set, famed woman about town, Ari Seth Cohen, is killing it both on the streets and the Internet. She not only has a social life more active than most at the height of college coolness, but her posts really DO prove that, like most things, personal style only improves with age. Here’s to growing up and into your style with a role model to show you how it’s done.