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WHAT: Style is branching out. Whoever said diamonds don’t grow on trees obviously hasn’t seen this totally rad jewelry holder. Fashioned from real wood, this painted silver tree stems from a small box filled with black stones. Blue flowers blossom at the tip of the branches for good measure. It’s not too big to fit into your miniscule shoebox of an apartment. Look ladies, if you can fit a bed in there, you can definitely fit a cool jewelry tree — which also doubles up as a funky decoration piece.

WHY: We’re sure you know how much it sucks when you put a bunch of your favorite necklaces together and they all decide to tie the knot… Literally. It takes forever to unhook each one of them. Or maybe you’re always misplacing your accessories. If you can relate to this, you totally need a jewelry organizer, and it should be the one tree that houses all your favorite accessories in one place while keeping it stylish.

WHERE: Plant this sexy silver tree anywhere you want and let it flourish with all things sparkly and pretty. Dangle your trinkets from the smooth metallic branches and never deal with the frustration of losing your jewelry again.

DOT: Get your own.