Your source for the whats, whys, wheres & dot.com links to the coolest shit around featuring OTH BOUTIQUE X TAKA HAYASHI VANS.

WHAT: Ever wanted something but you were just too late to get it?  Well we’re going to give you a heads up this time on something you definitely don’t want to miss out on.  These limited edition Vans by Taka Hayashi are an elegant yet simple take on a classic shoe.  With leather and suede, these shoes do no wrong.

WHY: Not only will it make your feet go “aah,” it will guarantee your feet a spot in history as two of the proud and ten of the toes that wore the beginning of what may very well be a blossoming collaboration of Vans and OTH.

WHERE:  Skate or don’t, this pair of shoes is going to be worth your while.  They’ll look good out to meet friends but they’ll also look good at that show you bought tickets for last month.  Don’t be afraid to bring them, scuffed up or not, these beauties are beauties 4ever.

DOT: Get walkin’.



[featured image via www.montrealinfashion.com]