WHAT: Finger bracelets and other crazy adornments from Etsy seller mysticalterry1.

WHY: Because you’ll look like some sexy maniac gypsy who casts spells on men for laughs? Terry’s jewelry is aggressively gorgeous. Like, Cersei from Game of Thrones would def rock these when she has randoms killed. I was crying about why everyone cool has to be evil but then I ordered a gold sideways necklace and I feel better. This is the kind of jewelry that’s both strong and delicate and YEP so perfect.

WHERE: To meet the queen or to Duane Reade. That’s not the point. Your only objective is to casually reach for something and then you’ll be like, “oh this? Thanks! It’s a finger bracelet!” Practice your humble face in the mirror for the barrage of compliments because obvs you know how cool you look. Exhausting, but such is the life of the wearer of cool shit.

DOT: Buy here!