Daniel Walling of Walling and Sons inspires us with his unconventional and down-to-earth handmade designs.

leather bi fold from walling and sons

We believe you can tell a lot about a person by their wallet. That is why we are loving Walling and Sons amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces.

WHAT:  Daniel Walling is what we like to call, the ultimate craftsman; working with metal, wood, ceramics and textiles to create truly simple and elegant products… getting his inspiration from his twin sons and his father. All of his work is handmade giving it a natural rugged and minimalistic look, and his wallets are perfect for someone who appreciates something that simply well-designed.

WHY: Because we love good quality products that mix both fashion and function. Walling’s designs incorporate eco-friendly art and daily necessities, and we’re totally digging that aspect.

Eco friendly wooden salad servers

WHERE: Pretty much in every room of your home, or for any member of your family. Give his brown oil tanned leather bi-fold wallet to the dude in your life, as a sophisticated upgrade from his Velcro-chain wallet (or whatever he’s toting around). Add his hand carved eco-friendly salad servers made of reclaimed wood to your kitchen and we’re thinkin’ you’ll enjoy your greens a bit more. Use his short spiral wooden hair pins for a relaxed up-do and get in touch with your inner flower child, hippie dippie.

DOT: Own something useful and beautiful.

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