Sharp Tooth Studio is making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside with that extra ounce of verbal courage.

sharp tooth studio in the works

 Behind the desks of Sharp Tooth Studio and their creative process.

WHAT: Although Samantha Priddy of Sharp Tooth Studio has been making art for as long as she can remember (even to the extent of studying fine art ceramics in college), it was the endless possibilities presented through fabrics and sewing which compelled her to create her business. As she began to spend more time away from her ceramics studio, sewing became more of a daily ritual because it was something she could do every day while still including her children in the process — a thought that she absolutely love. And so came the idea for Sharp Tooth Studio, a series of unique, eclectic banners, which brings good vibes and happy thoughts into the home of any owner because Samantha believes you should be intentional about the environment you create for you and your loved ones. With statements like “Be The Light” and “Love Each Other,” Sharptooth’s canvas banners are sure to bring you nothing but the warmest, fuzziest feelings ever.

WHY: Because we love anything that will brighten our day and give us inspiration to be a better person. Her embroidered mini banners serve as little daily reminders and affirmations to “let love grow,” and we think it’s totally rad to surround ourselves and those people we love with positive thoughts like that. Better yet, when you buy one of these rad banners, your money serves as a donation for the Haiti Orphan Project and BEAResource for CPS Kids in Houston, Texas.

sharp tooth let love grow

WHERE: Hang it up in those oh-so special places you love about your home, like by that window overlooking your living room, your bedroom mirror or the key hook which dons your front door.

sharp tooth be bold

DOT: Stay positive and lovely here

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