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WHAT: Remember the time you bought tickets for a concert that never happened because the band didn’t end up playing? On top of that, you had to wait fucking long for the refund. Ugh. Or maybe you were the band that was supposed to play that day, but the ticket sales sucked. We get it. Fortunately, RABBL is here to ensure that such disappointments don’t happen. As the world’s first social booking platform for concerts, RABBL (short for rabble-rouser) aims to benefit the artists, venues and fans, while trying to reduce the risk of unsold tickets.  

WHY: It’s easy. The band announces a tentative show, and as fans, you get to vote on whether the show should happen by reserving tickets in advance. You can also convince your favorite band to play. Don’t fret — your card won’t be charged until the band meets its ticket quota. Once enough tickets are reserved, RABBL will update you on the details of the show. And if by any unfortunate chance that the band doesn’t receive a big response, the show doesn’t happen and you won’t be charged a single cent (phew!). It saves everyone the hassle of dealing with refunds and major disappointments.

Rabbl TV presents Khafre Jay

WHERE: When enough tickets are reserved, the band scouts a location and RABBL gladly provides these venues the chance to publish booking standards. So this way, musicians are able to discover new gigs and fans can show their support for these artists with nothing to lose. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, really! 

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