This fancy Malabar Oriente Guitar does more than just deliver music. It’s a class act of sophistication and beauty.malabar oriente guitar front

WHAT: In case you haven’t noticed, this isn’t an ordinary, run-off-the-mill guitar. To those with a penchant for curating all things exotic and extraordinary — we proudly present the Malabar Oriente Guitar. Treat it like the classy instrument it is — strum a melody on its sexy strings or prop it in a corner and let its presence do the talking.

WHY: Well, why not? Here’s a cool little history lesson: it was named after the Malabar Black Pepper, an oriental spice that actually altered the course of world history. Inspired by exotic florals, dragon scales and ancient Portugese culture, this guitar is a grand work of art that was assembled and hand-painted in Portugal. So if you have $3,560 to spare (yes, you read that right), this should be yours!

WHERE: In your personal art gallery, duh. Or just beside your couch for fun.

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malabar oriente guitar back