Self·ie noun \ self-fe \ :  an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social network. Used in sentence: “But first, let me take a selfie.” … But not without having a LuMee.

lumee product case lights up

With a LuMee light up cell phone case, you’ll never take one of these again. The precursor of the selfie is really that it is always a poorly lit self-portrait which really, started  off involving tons of bathroom mirrors… and now has evolved for easier use, with the upgrades on self-facing cameras. But what Apple still hasn’t figured out (kudos you LuMee people) is how to put a light on the front of the damn thing. The LuMee not only will highlight your face in all the perfect places, for a less embarrassing approach to taking a pic of yourself (we all do it, but it should at least look good!) Our favorite thing about it is it allows us gals to apply makeup like we are using a mirror in the bathroom… On the L train, at your desk, at your corner coffee shop, you’ll be the girl on the go with the right iPhone case and the right looking mug. Selfie away.

LuMee Alex Final

WHAT: The LuMee iPhone 5 & 5s case, a unique and stylish cell phone case that actually lights up your face while you take selfies, video chat and apply make-up.

LuMee Aubrey Alex car

WHY: If you love your phone, consider pampering it. You live for it, (don’t you?)… We just saw an article that says we spend more time with our cell phones than our partners (eeek!) But in any case, we spend lots of time on social media sharing our lives with people we don’t know that well our loved ones. We’re sick of the shadows and the back-lighting, this is the new gadget of the generation.

WHERE:  In your pocket, in your hand, with your headphones, on your desk… Your phone is like another limb.

DOT: Get LuMee-fied. (P.S. pre sales are going on right now. But they’ll be fully stocked in a couple of weeks)

LuMee Alex Aubrey Before

LuMee Alex Aubrey After

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