Prairie Empire’s Erica Leohner is the owner, maker and designer for her jewelry line. It began as a distraction for her while she was finishing up grad school and now she has gifted us with a super rad Etsy store. “I usually have a loaf of bread in the oven while I work away in the studio.”

praire empire honeycomb earrings

What: Known for handmade brass and silver jewelry, mostly delicate rings and delightful earrings, and hand-carved wooden spoons, Prairie Empire has killer designs like arrows, honeycomb geometric hexagons, and even eyelash earring. Her jewelry is subtle, yet still bold enough to still make a statement.

praire empire eyelash earrings

Why: Her charming designs are on-point for spring and are super affordable, for the quality you are getting (yes, we snatched a ring!) Most rings cost about $23-$25 and earrings range from $18-$32. Sold.

Where: Prairie Empire’s sweet jewelry can be worn anywhere day or night. Perfect to spice up a casual outfit and would complement a spring dress perfectly.

praire empire arrow ring

DOT: Find out for yourself here. You won’t regret it.

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