The Erin Dana Belt Bag is an updated version of a fanny pack, with pretty metallics and a bunch of fun colors.


WHAT: The Erin Dana Belt Bag is the perfect bag for gals that need their hands (and the ones that constantly lose their clutches on a night out drinking!)

WHY: Because its an updated fanny pack, and that rules.

Where: Anywhere where you want your hands free. On a roller coaster, dancing on the bar, kissing a dude in the corner of the bar etc.

DOT: Get a modern version of the ’80s chic here.

Erin Dana Tells us what we should:

SEE: Our signature Evan Belt Bag in time for festival season.

HEAR: Muse. We are super into them right now.

Muse “Madness”

KNOW: That we have an amazing brand video with the beautiful and stylist Brooklyn Decker coming out soon. Stay tunes!