Billy Wolf collapsible puppy bowl/bag keeps your furry friend as on the go as you are.

billy wolf water bowl

WHAT: You are a responsible on-the-go person. You prep and pack your own meals for work, wear sunscreen, carry around a refillable water bottle so you stay hydrated, bring a healthy snack pack when you go on hikes. Basically… You’ve got your shit TOGETHER. So, why not do the same for your four-legged best friend, who keeps you company through it all? Billy Wolf has the perfect accessory for your pooch who is as active as you are. The bowl/bag combo is collapsible and clips on to your hiking gear or beach bag so it’s not only easy to carry, but it’s stylish too.

WHY: Because regardless of how sweaty you are from your hike, or how frizzy your hair gets on the beach, Fido is genuinely PUMPED to just hang out with you. So he should be rewarded with a chic little goodie bag whenever he wants a snack or a quick drink.

puppy bowl red drinking

WHERE: It’s completely portable so wherever you go with your pup, it can come with you.

DOT: Get your doggie a bag here.

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