Aesthetic Apparatus is mixing art studio with ad agency and we love it

absolut aesthitic apparatus commissioned art

WHAT: Aesthetic Apparatus is a Minneapolis based commercial art and print-making studio that has combined their shared love of music and design to forge a project that creates unique screen-printed posters that mix both art and advertising. They believe that there should be a balance in that reflective and visual ideas should not be checked at the door when making a campaign, regardless of its size or audience. Not only are their designs for brands and packaging totally rad, but their commission art and wall prints are super cool.

WHY: Because we love anything that mixes artistic value with commercial products. Aesthetic Apparatus keeps things fresh and never loses its creative touch regardless of the product or message.

lunasaurus aesthetic apparatus

WHERE: Hang their wall art  in your apartment or use their expertise when you need to make an awesome package design for your start up!

DOT: Be aesthetically pleasing.