Ladies and Gents, Spa Week is upon us: April 21-27 to be exact. What is this Spa Week that we speak of? Every April and October, hundreds of spa and wellness facilities throughout the nation offer 2-3 full service spa treatments discounted to just $50 each. We think you should go for it… Because inner-peace-inducing pampering shouldn’t just be for the wealthy, and because you work hard for that money — you deserve it. We’ve even created this quick guide of spa etiquette tips to ensure that things go smoothly, ‘cause no one wants to get caught with his/her pants down, unless of course that’s part of the procedure.

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Showing up on time, respecting the cancellation policy, and staying off of your cell phone during treatments are not only part of the rules, but they’re also key in ensuring the tranquility of your experience. Showing up late to your appointment and arguing with the front desk because you were charged a fee = the opposite of Zen. Do yourself a favor and help Spas help you.


Be kind and shave/shower beforehand — pretty self-explanatory. Be especially sure to shower if you soaked in a chlorinated pool or hot tub, to prevent the chemicals from stepping on your detox-game. In saunas/steam rooms, be sure to sit on your towel/robe and wear flip flops if indicated by signs.


Prefer a male or a female therapist? Ask for one in advance while booking your appointment. Don’t like the lights so dim or the New Age music blasting from the speakers of your massage room? Prefer a lighter or a firmer touch? Speak up. The spa experience is supposed to give you your own private and relaxing escape, so don’t hesitate to politely set your preferences in order to optimize your experience, and of course get your money’s worth. 

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