How crazy the universe works. How a quick happening, between a girl and a holistic beauty therapist, Nichola Weir brought upon a unlikely friendship.

Pacific Touch nichola portrait

Generally, as human beings, we are self-concious. The truth is, we walk by mirrors and have to force ourselves not to look at our reflections (well, if we are not satisfied) or our vision is stark and straight-ahead in brightly lit bathrooms, as we scramble into the depths of our purses reaching for makeup to cover an unsightly scar or whatever breakout is happening that week. But if makeup is not within your grasp, panic might set in. Even if your the type of gal thats pretty breakout free, well, we are always seeking to improve. We want to have a simple routine that is easy to follow, we want to be our healthiest selfs, but the content is spilling all over our desks and we don’t know who to believe.

If you’ve ever felt that way, or feel any sort of resemblance to the type of person I described above, I want you to meet Nichola from Pacific Touch NYC. I was sent on assignment for Spa Week to try out  “Spring Clean Your Pores,” a 90-minute special treatment that includes a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation massage, non-chemical organic peel, corrective mask, hydrating serum, neck and décolletage treatment, nourishing facial massage and a special hand treatment. And, what I got was so much more.

Nichola is a warm, islandy looking creature, who settles you into the experience like a best friend or a motherly figure. As she treats me, we talk, again, like old friends. Nichola is the most passionate person I’ve ever talked to about skin. Having suffered from chronic cystic acne for over 15 years, she made her life and career about understanding why, understanding what we put into our bodies, and understanding and connecting to others with the same difficulties. The concept is treating the whole person: mind, body, soul. Really, the girl is like a therapist of sorts, a good one… she is quite a gift.

The skin is respected as a living breathing organ and it is recognized that very much like life itself our skin is changing all of the time.

During our conversation, that was woven by many different stories, one, of her mother who is in the same industry, a “eyebrow guru” she says, who believes in spending quality time with the brow (this, I especially appreciate being giving two crazy thick brows from my father’s side). Another, about the many people (including teenagers) she’s helped with her “mini breakout bootcamp,” twelve 60-minute treatments that are customized to help and educate people with severe acne. We talk about some of my skin history, having had some cystic acne in my teens that really only reared its ugly head on my chin, she introduces me to “face mapping,” which literally tells you, according to the problems areas on your face, what that might mean for your insides. Chin, she says, is directly related to the stomach. I might have gasped when I heard this, having had stomach problems for quite some time now. As the conversation continued, it was clear I was destined to meet this woman, she could likely change the way I thought about “my gut,” what I put in there, and how my skin reflects the problems going on inside.

It seemed as if she was reading what was going inside of me, a physic of sorts. She gave me lots of articles to read up on… “10 food combinations to improve digestion,” “how to improve your gut health,” “skin friendly foods,” and “foods to avoid.” After our meeting, full of educational information, unbelievable skin treatments, and an amazing massage, she sent me a follow-up email that really broke down everything for me (this was the ultimate gift!) Here’s some information straight from Nichola…

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