It’s hair week at SHK. Lots of DIY video, hair facts and fun hair crushes happening this week with our hair gal Shirley Hagel. You can ask her anything in the comments—and by anything we mean, as long as it has to do with your locks! To kick it off, these are our man crush monday picks when it comes to what’s happening on top.

MAN CRUSH MONDAY. Dudes, we are obsessed with…

jason sedeikis hair
Jason Sudeikis and Chris O’Dowd. Because of their SCRUFF! I love J.S’s perfectly classic mens hair that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon — same goes for Justin Timberlake (Have you seen him recently?)
chris dowd hair
I love Chris’ effortless but not sloppy hair — doesn’t look like he is trying too hard but he doesn’t look like a bum.
aaron paul with lauren paul
Aaron Paul is just fucking adorably hot. And he is the only dude that could pull off this old spikey thing he’s got going on — but it works because he is Aaron Paul. His scruff is perfect as well. (Side note — so is he stupid gorgeous wife… on a completely unrelated note, of course).

Don’t forget to ask your hair questions in the comments below xx,

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Shirley is a private and freelance hairstylist, here in NYC. She was born and raised in St Petersburg, Florida. She went to cosmetology school while on summer break from college and worked her way through to her Bachelors degree from Florida State University. She has 9 years experience in this industry, 6 of which were spent with an Aveda Salon, in Tallahassee Florida, Dream State salon  At Dream State, she was on the wedding team, she was part of the leadership team, she was an educator and she was in charge of the mens grooming department.

Shirley has worked with fashion magazines SHK and Fab Ego, here in NYC. She worked with Cristo 5th Ave backstage at Miss teen Miss NY USA. She did hair onset of Go Radios Goodnight moon video. She has also done countless weddings. She is a color expert and is an expert at cutting short hair, both of which are her passions. She is incredibly visual and often uses a dry cutting technique, to see exactly where the hair is laying and where there is too much weight. Shirley maintains an online portfolio on Facebook, called Shirley Hagel, The Hairstylist Side. You can see her work and personality on her page, as well as getting hair advice. 

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