Aging is a mixture of gains and losses, isn’t it? Our culture tells us to fear getting older. Here we are in our younger years, looking forward to learning everything, each step is better than the next, our skin is unmarked. Unfortunately no one can stop this train to wrinkles, dry skin, age marks, sun spots. That’s where Nichola Weir from Pacific Touch comes in and that’s where you totally let go of all your fears (when it comes to your skin).

If you haven’t heard of Nichola (skincare goddess) it’s your duty to read about her here before continuing.

Pacific Touch

…. Okay I’m assuming you went ahead and read about all the goodness that is Nichola, let’s get to this summer’s skincare (with a focus on mature skin).

The below regimen is one that Nichola recommends when you go in for her facial:

  • Professional cleanse
  • Exfoliation massage under steam with a hydrating Vitamin C Enzyme
  • An anti-aging facial massage with a nourishing hand blended avocado-grapeseed-lavender chamomile oil
  • A peptide eye serum to combat dark circles and puffiness
  • A Vitamin C and Collagen gel mask with a high concentration of anti-oxidants and marine collagen
  • A hydrating serum for face, neck and décolletage
  • A Vitamin C Eye recovery gel
  • An organic ultra hydrating powerful polypeptide lip enhancement complex
  • A hydrating rose mist to ‘plump up’ the skin
  • A luxury treatment moisturizer to seal in all the goodness with specialty extracts that have potent youth-oriented properties

Here are some things to consider:

  • Skin cell turnover slows down as we age (going from every 28 days to 60+ days)
  • Loss of collagen and elasticity (our ‘plumpness’ and ‘snap back’) responsible for wrinkles and sagging
  • Sun damage and other damage caused by free radicals
  • Surface dryness and dehydration
  • Thinning of the skin resulting in sensitivity and broken capillaries
  • Lymphatic build up which results in puffiness and dryness

Foods that make a difference:

  • Fill your diet with healthy fats to nourish from within (Salmon, Walnuts, Flaxseed and Avocado)
  • Foods high in Vitamin C aid in the production of collagen (Dark Leafy Greens, Berries, Citrus and Bell Peppers)
  • Foods high in Vitamin A encourage skin cell renewal (Sweet Potato, Carrots, Cantaloupe)
  • Foods High in Vitamin K to strengthen capillaries (Dark Leafy Greens, Parsley, Basil, Sage)
  • Foods high in Lycopene to help fight and repair sun damage (Tomato, Guava, Papaya)
  • Hot Water With Lemon

Nichola says, “Drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning will kick start metabolism and help the body flush toxins and lymphatic build up. Lemon is also one of the most alkaline foods we can digest and will help fight inflammation – easily one of the things you can do for your skin.”

And remember… YOUR #1 ENEMY IS SUGAR! (Supposively it actively ages you as you consume it – yuck!)

Here are some more tips (consider this your golden ticket to great skin):

  • Never to late to begin your “anti-aging” routine…Lay down the foundation early – prevention is key.
  • Rehydrate and ‘plump’ up the skin with floral mists before applying moisturizer (hydration will increase absorbability).
  • Stay away from ‘drying’ ingredients (alcohol-based toners that strip the skin).
  • Embrace topical oils which are anti-inflammatory and nourish theskin (avocado, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil and coconut oil are a few of Nichola’s favorites).
  • If you do have a tendency to breakout try jojoba oil (technically a plant wax) that is known in professional skincare circles to be a very skin friendly oil as it has the same consistency as the skin’s natural sebum and therefore very good absorbability.
  • Stay away from harsh scrubs to exfoliate and instead choose a more sophisticated method of encouraging skin cell renewal (Nichola loves enzymes which help you achieve a nice glow by dissolving dead skin cells).
  • Invest in your skin by getting regular monthly facials to encourage skin cell turn over, dramatically increase hydration levels and treat numerous skin conditions.
  • Professional products have higher quality ingredients with active ingredients in higher percentages which equals better results!

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