All hail, Johnny Ramirez.



Johnny Ramirez is not what you’d expect. When you hear that someone is both NYC’s and L.A.’s best, most sought-after hair colorist, it may provoke a certain image of snobbish prestige, or an aura of elitism, perhaps… Not this guy. Ramirez, co-owner of the newly opened Ramirez-Tran Salon in Beverly Hills, is the most down-to-earth geniuses we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

That’s right, I said genius. Don’t call him the King of Ombre! “You know, I am not the ‘King of Ombre,'” Ramirez told SHK with a laugh slash sigh combo. “That phrase was used and it stuck, but what I do is not specifically ombre and I am not the king of it. I like to think I’m the king of what I DO, which is to try and make women everywhere believe they are beautiful!”


But let’s backtrack just a bit. His friends know him as Johnny; his clientele knows him as the one to go to when you need it most. The source of his inspiration and subsequent talent knows him as Daddy.

Ramirez talks incessantly and with a voice full of love that brims over about his daughter, Emilia. Her hair, and “kids’ hair” in general, as he’s come to refer to what he does, is the place he draws from when he works.


[Johnny’s daughter, Emilia (ummmm, that hair!)]

He describes the process as being natural, from the heart, and almost instinctive. He’s studied “kids hair” inside and out, and takes his clients personally, asking them questions about their lives in addition to what they want. “I try to get every client I see to bring or send me a picture of them as a kid,” he says. “Grasping the essence of that time when your hair was its most natural is how I get results that people fall in love with.”

Our own managing editor Emily had the good fortune (hate. you.) of snagging a coveted appointment with Johnny late this summer, on one of his visits to the city. “He is a true artist. You sit down and you are almost intimidated by how he is reading you and slowly moving his fingers through you hair as if it’s clay and he’s a sculptor,” she continued, “and just his being, there is something special about him and who he is on the inside, you want to know what’s going on in there.” She also says he is undoubtedly the only dude that knows how to color brunette locks.


After Emily’s coloring in July, we spoke to Johnny again the week of the new location opening, in August. Excited but overwhelmed with the craziness that accompanies the days leading up to something so big, he predicted great things for the salon. Ramirez sings praises of his partner, celebrity stylist (another super-sought-after talent) Anh Co Tran, and how well they work together. Now, six weeks later, it’s clear that business has been booming and more happy customers have emerged. And let’s not even start on the decor, clean, simple… You won’t have a problem making it home during your tranformation. The Ramirez Tran blog and Instagram are updated daily with before and after photos of color and styling, all done by Ramirez and Tran themselves, and the online buzz shouts nothing but ecstaticly satisfied customers.


“The new space is absolutely gorgeous… It is a place to escape to,” Ramirez says.

Ramirez Tran Salon, Beverly Hills 2013