Drop the gun. Take the…


For me, perfume has always been important. This began during my childhood. I remember being a little girl and visiting my grandmother. I remember sitting at the vanity table in her bedroom and looking through the various glass bottles and tubes and containers of makeup, my eyes wide with curiosity and delight. My grandmother, a classic beauty, grazed her fingers over her extensive collection of products before stopping at one and handing it to me, the honey-colored liquid swishing back and forth within it’s clear encasing. It was a bottle of Chanel No. 5. At the time I was not aware of the extensive history of such a fragrance, but was nevertheless enchanted with her gift. She told me that women should always wear perfume and dabbed a bit of the fragranced liquid on my neck. Although, I may have issues today with her traditional (even oppressive) patriarchal statement, I still take her words into account and believe perfume to be a crucial component when getting dolled up.

JULIETTE HAS A GUN is a perfume brand, which takes a contemporary approach to fragrance. Founded in 2006 by creator and designer Romano Ricci — the great grandson of world-renowned couture designer and the grandson of a perfumer. Prior to launching the brand, Ricci spent close to a decade working in the perfumery industry and after working closely with experts in the field, Ricci gained the experience he felt he needed to go forth in starting his own company.


Ricci understands the power of smell. Romantic at its core, the brand is inspired by the legendary Shakespearian heroine, Juliette, whom we all know to have quite the experience when it came to her epic love story. Though the tale is ages old, Juliette Has a Gun offers a modern version: “where reinventing couple and femininity is a constant quest.” The philosophy behind the independent brand approaches perfumery as an art, with limited distribution to a select number of concept boutiques, department stores and specialized perfumeries.

Ricci underlines that the brand is intended for women. The gun, in the company’s name, is a metaphor for the perfume, what Ricci calls a “weapon of seduction,” that stands as the liberation of women towards men, and at times one of revenge.


The brand offers a collection of 11 original scents, four accessories to show off your unique fragrance — including a universal purse spray — conveniently encapsulated in the shape of bullet, and three candles. Each fragrance corresponds to a facet of Juliette, speaking to a different side of her personality – Miss Charming, Lady Vengeance, Citizen Queen, amongst the others. All and all, Juliette Has A Gun offers its clients a selection of well-crafted perfumes. It’s up to you to decide what fragrance suits your personality the best. Or perhaps, like Juliette, you have a several sides to your character that require not one, but multiple scents. — VERONICA HOGLUND